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Rebuttal to Anti-Woman Statement by UN “Special Procedures”

United Nations Secretary-General

International Olympic Committee

Re: Rebuttal to Anti-Woman Statement by UN “Special Procedures”

Dear Secretary-General, António Guterres, and President Thomas Bach:

Today we condemn the statement released by Mr. Victor Madrigal-Borloz, et. al., titled: “Policy position by United Nations Special Procedures mandate holders in relation to the protection of human rights in sport without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.” [1]

This statement represents the zenith of pandering to male affirmation. It is an appalling betrayal of women at the hands of an outgoing “UN human rights” rapporteur (and colleagues). This UN statement is devoid of science and logic. It is a synopsis of the vapid arguments made by those who have determined that women's rights and sports are expendable for the propagation of an ideology.

Everyone knows that no amount of surgery and/or testosterone suppression will turn a man into a woman or make it fair for a male to take the place of a female athlete in a category created to celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls. It is a physical impossibility.

We state, unequivocally, with science and common sense on our side, that women and girls deserve equal opportunity and fair sports competition at every age and at every level of development, from beginner to elite. Sex is binary and immutable. Women are members of the female sex. Males cannot be female. There should be no threshold of treatment or personal belief that allows a male to change his category of competition and displace a female participant.

It is an assault on basic human rights and women around the world to suggest that women should set aside their rights and safety for male athletes. It is an assault on women to suggest that women are the equivalent of an underdeveloped or pharmaceutically altered male. It is a violation of CEDAW [2] sex-based rights.

We call upon the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee to reassure the world that they are grounded in the fair treatment of women and objective science. It is the only way to ensure safety and equality for women and girls around the world.

Yours in Sport,

Founding Members, ICFS


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