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Statement of Position


Sex equality matters in all aspects of life, including in sport. In accordance with the tenets of the International Bill of Human Rights, the intent of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW, Article 10(g)), and the precepts of the Women’s Declaration (Article 7), women and girls have a right to access and participate in sports in a manner that is fair, safe and without discrimination. To be denied this right is discrimination on the basis of sex. It is The Consortium position that policy discussion on eligibility in women’s sports pertaining to any level (community to elite) and/or involving any jurisdiction MUST involve women who advocate for or who work or participate in female sport and include meaningful consultation with female athletes from the sport(s) in question.

Purpose of The Consortium

To serve as the key international lobby group to advocate for the preservation of the female sports category.

Foundational Principle

Fairness and safety for female athletes in sport is ensured by having a dedicated category for those born female*.

Group Identity

The Consortium is a non-partisan, single-issue collective of women’s sports advocates from across the political spectrum. Membership or partnership within The Consortium in no way indicates political affiliation with fellow members regarding any other topic of political concern.

Statements Against Discrimination

  • The Consortium agrees with “Fundamental Principle 6” of the IOC Charter that there should be no discrimination against female athletes on the basis of sex.

  • In keeping with IOC Framework principle 6.2.a, the Consortium agrees that International Federations should develop disciplines, events, scoring systems or other mechanisms to include everyone, while providing a dedicated female category.

Statement on Respect – re manner during engagement on behalf of the Consortium

When engaging with sports associations (local, regional, national, and international) on policy matters, The Consortium representative(s) commits to speaking and behaving with dignity and respect.

Key Operating Principle – on representation and associated obligation

When the Consortium commits to engaging in negotiation and/or consultation pertaining to sports eligibility, there should be a minimum of two Consortium representatives attending and these representatives will report back to the group with written documentation describing the context, purpose, content, and outcome of the meeting.


Language is how we communicate with one another. With this lexicon we establish a basis for  clear communication by providing words and setting definitions that will allow women to clearly  articulate the objective reality of our physical bodies, so that sex-based discrimination cannot be  ignored or obfuscated, whether this is done purposefully or inadvertently. We will also alert the  user to words embedded in some sports policies that we choose to avoid, because they serve to  undermine the rights of women and girls to be accurately represented in our fight against sex based discrimination in sport. Accurate words and language are necessary in order for women  and girls to be able to articulate their biology and the impacts of sex in sport and in life. This  language, like the biology of sex, is not hateful or hurtful. It is a necessary acknowledgment of  reality and must take precedence over language of personal identification and beliefs in order to  preserve the rights and safety of female athletes.  You can view our Lexicon here.


Female athlete refers to a competitor who is biologically female at birth




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