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Open Letter to Premier Danielle Smith

March 29, 2024

Premier Danielle Smith - Alberta

Office of the Premier

307 Legislature Building

10800 – 97 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6

Re: Ethical Treatment of the Female Athlete – Special Thanks

Dear Premier Danielle Smith:

It has come to our attention that on January 31, 2024, you offered a public statement of

position on gender identity that included a commitment to fairness for women and girls in


Among other statements, we were very encouraged to hear you say:

“… the Alberta Government will work with sporting organizations active in our province to

ensure that women and girls have the choice to compete in a women’s only division in athletic competitions…”

Given that most jurisdictions and sports organizations in Canada have shown themselves to

be unwilling to uphold the right to safety, fairness, and equality of opportunity for female

athletes on the basis of sex, your public announcement represents a brilliant ray of hope for

women’s sport in your country. Canadian female athletes of all ages and levels of

accomplishment deserve sex-based protections and respect.

We, as the International Consortium on Female Sport (ICFS) agree with you in wishing to

uphold the sex-based rights of female athletes (competitors who are biologically female at

birth). Our stance is supported by 517 women’s organizations, which have more than 35,000

signatories from 160 countries. Several of our members are Olympians and medallists,


Marion Clignet – Cycling - France

Nancy Hogshead-Makar – Swimming – USA

Alison Sydor – Cycling - Canada

Inga Thompson – Cycling – USA

Lorraine Moller – Athletics – New Zealand

Donna de Varona – Swimming – USA

Pokey Richardson – Swimming – USA

Mara Yamauchi – Athletics – UK

Mary O’Connor – Rowing – USA

Deborah Lovely-Acason – Weightlifting – Australia

Premier Smith, we wish to bolster your position by pointing out that there is a consensus

among most sports women and sport scientists that allowing male-born persons to participate in the female category is unethical and unsafe.

Everyone knows the differences between male and female performance in speed, strength,

and power. Whether athletes are the best in the world, youths in a junior talent pathway, or

masters of all ages, male performance advantage is clear. At the prepuberty level boys are

taller, heavier, stronger, faster, more agile, more explosive (in jumping and throwing), and

have better cardiovascular endurance than girls. And this difference is greatly magnified post puberty, with males being stronger by 25%-50%, more powerful by 20%-160% (depending upon the sport), 40% heavier, and 10-13% faster than females.

To date, over nineteen peer review studies have shown that it is not possible to mitigate the

male performance advantage through testosterone reduction, which is why the UK's Sports

Councils concluded in their 2021 Guidance for Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport that it is not possible to reconcile inclusion of male-born participants with safety and fairness to

female athletes.

Recently, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) published the Biological Basis of

Sex Differences in Athletic Performance.  They concluded that males are faster, stronger, and

more powerful than females “because of fundamental sex differences in anatomy and

physiology dictated by sex chromosomes.”

Please accept our sincere THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS on your principled and

courageous stance. We hope sincerely that your decisiveness will prompt other leaders across Canada to follow suit.

Please also know that the ICFS stands with you and offers you assistance with international

expertise in the development of sport policy should you require it.

Thanks, again, for acknowledging the sex-based rights of female athletes in Alberta.

Yours in Sport,

Founding Members, ICFS


ICFS Founding Members

Linda Blade, Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights (caWsbar)

Kim Jones and Marshi Smith, Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) Watch “We Won’t Back Down” Rally


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